(Even if your budget is pea-sized, you’re busier than Beyonce and you wouldn’t know a Facebook Pixel if it hit you in the face)

Is this you...?

You started a business, but growth has been as slow as a snail in peanut butter.

You hustle SO freakin’ hard for every new customer or client, and you’re sick of it.

You love what you do - you just wish it would deliver a juicier paycheck already!

You’ve heard that you need to start running Facebook Ads, like yesterday

But, Facebook Ads can be a minefield. Choosing your audiences, placements and images is overwhelming enough.

Then someone mentions the word "Pixel" and it makes you want to hide under the bed.

Done right, Facebook Ads will get your business in front of the right people and convert them into paying customers and clients with ease

(But if you’re not careful, it's a speedy way to set your hard-earned moolah on fire)


Facebook Ads are an investment, not another expense. Every cent spent on Facebook Ads should deliver even more in sales.

But, I get it - you’re sick of blindly spending money without being 100% certain you’ll make a profit.

You listen to the “experts” and you only feel worse, because it seems you’re the only one who can’t make this thing work.

You wish there was a simple solution. An uncomplicated way to make a juicy profit, without discounting your prices, giving away free consults or spending half your day on sales calls.

Don't give up just yet!

You can create a business that lets you travel the world, spend more time with your family or quit your day job.

You can do what you love, every freakin’ day.

You can do it without wasting thousands on agencies that promise the world, but deliver peanuts.

And, you can automate the entire process to deliver consistent growth, without being chained to your desk.

the “experts” are right about one thing: You can build a wildly profitable business with Facebook Ads.

Embarrassing story: The very first Facebook Ad I ran

I targeted all women in Australia, not knowing that weak targeting is the quickest way to waste your budget.

I wrote wishy-washy ads that couldn’t sell green smoothies in a Lululemon store.

Was my ad successful? I don’t have a clue! I didn’t understand Facebook's reporting.

All I know is that my mother was the only person who liked the ad.

I’ve since immersed myself in everything Facebook Ads. And, I’ve developed a successful framework that has produced epic results* for my clients.

* I’m not talking about likes, followers or comments. I’m talking sold-out events, product sales and thousands of leads.

I don’t know about you, but my landlord doesn’t accept Facebook likes as payment. 

One of my client’s ads consistently generate $32 in sales for every $1 spent on Facebook Ads.

What would predictable, steady income like this mean for your business?

The step-by-step training in Facebook Ads That Flourish will equip you to...

Apply my strategies and templates to streamline your Facebook Ads and your business. Reach and convert the right people without being pushy, salesy or sleazy.

Get more customers and clients, on autopilot

Quit stressing about where your next paycheck is coming from. You started your business to do what you love and get paid for it, not to constantly chase down the next customer or client.

Free up your time and energy

Steal my no-frills strategy to consistently and predictably elevate your business - without the endless hustling and self-promotion.

Find clarity and confidence in marketing your business

Before I even begin to tell you why this course is it - your way of finally making Facebook Ads work for you - let me stress that you have nothing to lose by giving it a go.

My 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If other courses have left you with a bitter taste and you’re starting to worry that maybe Facebook Ads won’t work for your business, don’t stress. This is the point at which most people join Facebook Ads That Flourish.

I want you to see for yourself just how different it is from all of the other Facebook Ads courses out there. And there sure are a truckload.

So, I’m giving you a full 30 days to work through the lessons, templates, cheat sheets and checklists, and implement them in your business. If you do the work and still aren’t seeing any results, I’ll completely refund your investment.

Facebook Ads That Flourish is for go-getters who are serious about creating a simple sales-attracting system and using it in their business.

Doing the work and implementing the lessons is a non-negotiable to be eligible for a refund.

So, are you ready to skip the expensive trials and errors and instead unpack an uncomplicated solution to ignite your entire business, even if…

FYI: $5 a day is not too small a budget to start with.

Your budget is teeny tiny

I get it; you’re too busy keeping the wheels from falling off!

You don’t have endless hours to spend on marketing

You’re battling to keep up with competitors who have big marketing budgets.

You’re in a super competitive market

You have nightmares about doing anything remotely “techy”.

The tech struggles are real

You feel icky at the mere thought of self-promotion.

You hate selling


Introducing Facebook Ads That Flourish

A streamlined framework designed to reach more of the right people and convert them into paying customers and clients, on autopilot.

Each module comes complete with video lessons, worksheets and cheat sheets, designed to have you learning more in less time. 

(Because, I know you're too busy running your business to spend hours doing courses).

This is how it plays out...


Discover the one thing most people don’t do with their Facebook Ads (and nail it to catapult your sales and position you at the very front of your audience's mind).
Set the right goals and budget for your ads, so that every cent you spend on Facebook Ads works as hard as you do.

Hack your audience’s brain to resonate and sell effortlessly. No yucky sales-y talk required!

Craft an irresistible offer that outperforms your competitors on Facebook (and off it too).




Create a lead magnet people want, the simple way. Then, leverage it to build your online tribe.

Craft high-converting opt-in and sales pages (because if you don’t have these pages, you’re missing out on major moolah).

Swipe my done-for-you email sequence template to build trust, create a real connection, and convert subscribers into paying customers, automagically.

Steal my easy 3-step formula for creating powerful Facebook Ads that command attention and get clicks.



Set up

Build a Facebook Ads campaign that targets people who want what you’re offering and are willing to pay for it.

Discover the massive mistake most businesses are making when setting up Facebook Ads right now (and the crucial thing you must do to avoid it). 

Create retargeting ads to sell to the people who are already waiting to buy from you. My best performing Facebook Ads have been retargeting ads! 




Tweak your ads to make them cheaper and more effective, even if they’re already performing well. 

Get comfy with the Ads Manager reporting screen, so you can decipher your results and finally answer the one question that truly matters: “Am I making money or not?”

Troubleshoot under-performing ads and apply my simple tactics to turn them around.




"I'm very happy with my decision to sign up for Facebook Ads That Flourish...

...The content is excellent. It has re-shaped the way I think about online sales and marketing and given me a structure to work with, which I never had previously. The Facebook support group is excellent and I've already recommended the course to a colleague".

- Beck Howe (Founder of Passionate Skincare)

Join today and you’ll get lifetime access to the course so you can complete it on your own schedule.

You’ll also get access to any content updates - because Facebook changes its mind more often than I refresh my Instagram feed.

And, there's the community...

Private, members-only Facebook Group

Join our Facebook group of ambitious, like-minded business owners who are always happy to help sharp-shoot your struggles and brainstorm killer ideas.

I pop in there frequently to answer questions, dish out advice and keep you updated on the latest Facebook changes.

Enrol now for lifetime access to all course resources


"I am really happy I signed up for the program!

...At the time it was a big expense for my start-up but it was worth it. Because I knew nothing about Ads Manager and it was so daunting, I knew I needed to learn about it. I love the Facebook Group. Facebook Ads That Flourish has definitely transformed my understanding and perception of marketing so far!”

- Shannon De Geest (Founder of The Collar Club)

You can start today and catapult your business growth in just a few weeks with a tried-and-tested method.

Or, you can throw more money at Facebook, trying to figure it out by yourself.

It’s your choice!

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Got questions?

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"You didn’t feel like you had paid for the course and then were just left to your own devices...

...The amount of content in the course was fantastic. It was all really well explained and was broken down to make it very manageable. I loved the way that Steph was very approachable and would reply to comments left in the Facebook Group.”

- Heather Miller (Founder of Exclusivity by Design)

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