HEY! I'm Steph

I'm a corporate dropout, Shiraz lover, coffee fiend, and teeth-whitening aficionado (I’ll let you join the dots).

I’m also a launch strategist, who’s helped over 700 (and counting!) online entrepreneurs launch digital products with consistently great results.

This year, I scaled my digital course business to 7-figures, while only working 25 hours a week. 

But, let's be real. It's taken me a while to get here.

In fact, if we go back to 2017, I was still trading time for money, and wondering where I’d gone wrong…

Like most of us entrepreneurial folk, I’d left my corporate job to get *away* from the punishing schedule. But there I was, working under very similar conditions…

The only difference was I didn’t have a boss to blame it on.  

Because I thought starting my own business would give me new levels of freedom, I’d booked 3 months of overseas travel, with the idea of slipping in a few emails between pizzas in Naples and visits to The Louvre. 

On my existing schedule, there was a zero percent chance that was going to happen! 

As my departure date got closer and closer, I knew I needed to change things up if I wanted my trip to actually involve any time away from my laptop, so I gritted my teeth and launched my first course... 

And promptly kicked myself for not doing it earlier. 

Not only did it mean I got to spend less time liaising with clients (both while I was travelling and when I came back), but it also meant I literally made money while I was enjoying Portuguese tarts in Lisbon, and art galleries in Paris (#jackpot). 

On top of that, it meant I could help the people who couldn't afford to work with me one-on-one, which gave me the ability to serve a whole new segment of my audience.

Since then, I've created 5 digital courses (the most recent one bringing in over $600k USD in 2020 alone). 

Now? I'm sharing my Digital Course Academy affiliate bonuses to help you skip the trip hazards, and find success and freedom with your very own digital course.

Digital Course Academy
Limited Time Bonus

Swipe files from my $800,000 evergreen funnel (valued at $297)

Since March 2020, The A-Z Podcast Launch Plan (my $197 digital product) has brought more than $800,000 USD into my business ($236,000 of that was in just one month). The thing is, it’s taken a lot of time to optimise the funnel. Copy tweaks here, subject line changes there, playing with Facebook Ads until they strike the right chord.

To help you cut the learning curve, I’m giving you access to all of it, so you can swipe what works. 

You’ll get the: 

+ Facebook Ads 
+ Webinar landing page 
+ Pre-launch emails
+ Webinar promo emails, and 
+ Cart open emails 

So you can start selling your digital course on autopilot, ASAP. 

enrol + get your bonuses


Twice per month, you, me and the other aspiring course creators who enrol via my link will meet on Zoom to workshop all course-and launch-related challenges, so you get support in real time. 

- Answer your course creation questions
- Workshop all course and launch-related challenges 
- Receive feedback on your ideas 

Last year, students found listening to other people’s questions to be the most helpful part, so even if you don’t think you’ll have a question to ask (or are more the sit-back-and-soak-it-all-in type), these calls will help you make sense of everything, offer fresh insights, and give you the support you need to follow through!

4 x group mastermind calls (valued at $497)

Plus, unlock these extra bonuses when you enrol in Digital Course Academy using any of the links on this page...


A VIP ticket to Launch Magic Live (valued at $497)

Your exclusive VIP ticket to the 2-day virtual event includes access to all the keynotes and recordings, as well as invites to VIP-only events (including a virtual cocktail party!), fireside chats and Q&A opportunities!

Expect 2 days on all ALL things launching and online business. It all kicks off December 2021.


LIVE launch content planning workshop (valued at $297)

Did you know the most important part of your launch is what happens in the few weeks before it? This is the pre-launch phase and it’s all about making sure you:

- Build your audience
- Position yourself as the authority, and
- Get your audience where they need to be to buy as soon as your cart is open

If you nail these pieces, the rest of the launch is a downhill run… which means you can pop the Champagne early! 

Join me for a 90-minute hands-on workshop via Zoom to map out all your pre-launch content from start to finish, so you know what to focus on, when, to get the best results.

You’ll also get a copy of the recording to watch whenever you need. 

Enrol + get your bonuses

Enrol + get your bonuses


Creating and launching a digital course can be a whirlwind of mindset muck. Procrastination, perfectionism, overwhelm and imposter syndrome. Fears like "what if nobody buys it" and "what will people think of me" creep up on you and before you know it, they're running the show—keeping you from having the impact, income and freedom you dream of. 

I've invested over $50,000 in coaching to help me overcome these mindset challenges, and in this 90-minute Zoom training, I'm showing you how to work through it on your own. 

You'll also get a copy of the recording to watch whenever you need a little refresher (cart open week, anyone?!) 

LIVE digital course mindset workshop ($397 value)

And, to help you manage the fear, procrastination, perfectionism and overwhelm in your launch, I'm also adding...

join Digital Course Academy

To recap, that’s an extra $1,985 worth of strategic, hands-on support designed to make sure you create and launch your signature course before the year is out… and it doesn’t cost you a cent ;) 

All you’ve got to do is enrol in Digital Course Academy via one of the pink buttons on this page. Let’s make sure you follow through and do the thing — together. 

When does Digital Course Academy open for 2021?

FAQs about Digital Course Academy


Digital Course Academy 2021 doors OPEN on Tuesday, September 21st at 7am PT. 
To unlock your extra DCA bonuses worth $1,985, make sure you enrol via one of the pink buttons on this page. 

When does Digital Course Academy close for 2021?


Doors to Digital Course Academy close on 28th September 2021 at 4pm PT. 

How do I buy Digital Course Academy?


To sign up for Digital Course Academy (and unlock my DCA bonuses worth $1,985 at no extra cost to you), click here.

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How long is Digital Course Academy? 


Digital Course Academy runs for 10 weeks—meaning you have access to the Facebook Group and Amy's 4 x weekly live sessions for 10 weeks. You have lifetime access to the modules inside DCA, so you can work through them and create your digital course at your own page. 

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What is Digital Course Academy? Who is Digital Course Academy for?


Digital Course Academy helps online business owners and entrepreneurs turn their knowledge and know-how into a digital course that will generate consistent revenue for their business.
Digital Course Academy serves budding online business owners as well as more seasoned entrepreneurs who are looking to scale. 

Still not sure if Digital Course Academy is for you? Read my review of Digital Course Academy, or book a fitting call with me to see if DCA is a good fit for you. 

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I decided to create a meditation course called “Beyond the Mind” to help graduates overcome resistance and create what they want to in their lives. 

My goal was to get 500 webinar signups and 50 people purchasing my course. I blew it out of the water -- 605 webinar signups, and 90 purchases for my course!

I had $22,000 in sales. It was so cool!

One of the most helpful things for me about Digital Course Academy is that it helped me get out of my head and just sit down and do the work. Amy lays out every step, and I just followed along. Having that support got me to a finished product so much faster. 

I have had my business idea for a long time. I just needed a formula to put it together.

Investing in Digital Course Academy to get my course done within three months was so worth it, and I’m so glad I had Amy to show me the way.

Eva Beronius, Spiritual Mastery Coach

“I’m so grateful that Amy laid it out step by step -- it was so easy, and I made $22,000 in my first launch!” 

Once I enrolled in Digital Course Academy I created a course to help women be empowered around their style and learn all they needed to make style effortless and easy for their everyday life. 

I followed Amy’s launch process in DCA step-by-step and launched in the middle of April. This was when people were locked down because of COVID-19, so I didn’t know what to expect. It felt a little weird to be selling, but I knew that there were people out there who were ready to make this a priority. So I just went for it!

I did two webinars… and 526 people enrolled in my course! I made $107,000 in the middle of quarantine! I was shocked! My goal was 300 students, so to have over 500 customers felt amazing.

Amy’s advice is priceless. It felt so good to have someone walk me through it step-by-step and do things the right way to get the biggest results that I could. I definitely would not have been able to do this on my own.

I’m so glad to have the financial peace of mind right now, which is allowing me to be more present with my family. 

- Audrey Tom, Founder at Putting Me Together

“I made $107,000 in the middle of COVID-19 -- and this is just the beginning!”