How do I build a connection with my Instagram audience?

It’s all well and good growing your Instagram following, but once they’re following you, you need to build a connection with them and start to nurture them down the funnel. So, how do you build a connection on Instagram? Here’s a hint… It’s not something that happens automatically with a perfectly curated feed. 

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5 ways to build a connection with your Instagram followers

A huge Instagram following doesn’t mean anything if none of them gives a crap about you. Ouch. Having 10 super-engaged followers is far better than 10,000 followers who can’t remember who you are or why they followed you, every time they see a post of yours.

So, you need to focus on using Instagram to build a connection with your audience.

How do you build a connection on Instagram?

Here’s a hint: It’s not something that happens automatically with a perfectly-curated feed. It also takes a little bit more work than just finding a pretty photo to repost and inserting a caption that says “Monday goals 🙌”

Let’s look at some ways you can build a connection with your Instagram audience…

1. Give your followers a behind-the-scenes look

How you do this will depend on your business and how big your team is. If you have a large team and/or a beautiful office, get a photographer in and do a half day shoot of your team and your space.

Use these photos to introduce your team members, tell us your go-to office playlist, or tell us why that particular candle scent makes you super productive. Show us your office puppy or tell us what is in each team member’s coffee cup.

If it’s just you and you alone (or if you have a remote team like I do) look at other ways of sharing behind the scenes. For me, a huge part of my behind the scenes at the moment is that I’m making the most of being able to work from anywhere. I’m currently recording this in London.

2. Talk about your why

That is, why you started your business. What’s your purpose? What fuels you and gets you out of bed in the morning? Other than coffee, that is.

The reason this is important is that it allows your audience to connect with your bigger purpose. For example, maybe you started your business because you’re passionate about reducing plastic waste. Your ideal customer will be passionate about this too and it gives you a shared purpose.

It might be scary, but sharing your big 20-year vision with your audience is another way to build a connection. Plus it keeps you accountable and on track to achieving it.


3. Show your followers the human behind the brand

This is similar to giving a behind the scenes view, but it goes a little deeper than sharing a shot of your desk or your office. So many people are terrified of putting their face on social media. I get it – I used to be too. It’s such an irrational fear though.

What is the worst that can happen?

I used to be afraid that someone would call me out for big noting myself or being self-important and, so far, that hasn’t happened yet.

Basically, we deal with so many faceless corporations every day so, sometimes, it’s nice to know you’re buying from a small business that actually cares. A business with a human behind it – a human that does a little happy dance every time someone buys from them.

Don’t be ashamed of the fact that you’re a small business.

4. Tell your followers about your brand values

What do you believe in? What does your brand stand for?

For example, at Wildbloom, one of our values is marketing honestly. We straight up will not work with a brand that we don’t feel good about promoting or that we believe is deceptive in any way.

Another one of our values is having fun. This means that we believe in having fun in what we do and that our clients can see that we love what we do, at every stage of the process.

5. Tell your followers what inspires you

Maybe this is a place or a person or thing. Whatever it is that you find inspirational, share it with your audience.

I don’t mean posting a photo of a tropical island with the caption “Saturday goals”. Instead, are you inspired by the bustling streets and anonymity of New York? Or the colourful work of a particular artist? Or the inspirational posts that a certain person shares?

Tell us about it and why it inspires you.

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Build a connection with Instagram followers

June 11, 2018

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