…And do it without twerking on TikTok or spending a cent on ads. 

Fill your audience with people who can’t wait to buy from you...

sign me up, steph!

Let me guess:

You’re ready to start growing your profits, but you’re struggling to reach the right people for your offers.

While you don’t need a *massive* audience to have a profitable online business, you do need a reliable way to get your offers in front of the right people. 

👆🏻This is the reality, whether you’re brand new to business or you've been in it since before Instagram was a thing.

You’re not the only one. 

The online world was already noisy-and then Chat-GPT entered the room, making social media even more saturated than before. 

And the ever-changing social media world has left us all with whiplash. (How do I do Reels? Should I be on TikTok? What the heck is Threads?!) 

But despite the huge shifts we’ve seen online lately, one thing still remains true: 

But actually getting those eyeballs on your brand and growing your audience with the right people? Well, that part can seem pretty tricky.

Especially when you’re on a tight budget, and you can’t set aside a big chunk of change for ad spend. 

When you’re exhausted trying to keep up with the constantly changing social media algorithms and trends. (You’d be quite happy to never show up on social media ever again!). 

And when your schedule is already jam packed. You don’t have time to figure out what’s working to grow your audience right now. 

If any of this is sounding familiar, I have some good news for you: 

But what you’re already doing isn’t working—you know that. 

Whether the people you’re reaching aren’t the right ones (hello, price hagglers!)... 

Or you’re struggling to reach *anyone* at all… 

The problem?

Knowing you need to reach more people is a fantastic place to start.

It’s 100% possible to grow your audience reliably and quickly—without investing in paid advertising or waiting around for the right people to “find” you.

How do I reach new people without spending money?

What are the most effective marketing strategies to attract new ideal clients-the ones who actually see the value in what I offer?

How can I grow my audience quickly without spending thousands on ads or showing up on social media?

What do I say to stand out when my industry is super saturated?

Can I really get over my fear of putting myself out there?

At the end of the day, you have a hunch the one thing standing between you and your big-impact, big-profit business is an audience of the *right* people

So you umm and ahh over questions like…

(Psst… all of these Qs have concrete answers! And, yes, they’re game changers.)

Find yourself above? Excellent.
I’ve got some really good news for you!

You’re struggling to get your business in front of potential clients, which means you’re not growing as quickly as you’d like to. 

The New-ish Business Owner

You're questioning whether the clients you're attracting are the right people for the kind of biz you want to build. Your dream clients are out there somewhere... But, where?! 

The Seasoned Expert

Almost all (yes, all) businesses run up against the how-do-I-grow-my-audience problem at some point before they have consistently profitable months, including…

You’ve had a successful launch, maybe two… But now you’re struggling to grow your audience fast enough to scale your launches. 

The Course Launcher

Yep. So even though your to-do is already overflowing, with the right strategy and action plan, you can…

Growing your audience isn't a matter of doing *more* of what you're already doing, but rather spending your limited time on the right things

Easily grow an engaged audience that raves about your brand (...without posting a single Instagram Reel, turning up on TikTok or showing your face on Stories, if you don’t want to!).

Fill your email list with the right people, so you no longer have to rely on social media to sell your offers. 

Convert the right audience into the right buyers--the ones who are ready, willing, and excited to pay for your offers.

Wanna know how?

Fill your audience with people who can’t wait to buy from you...

…and do it without twerking on TikTok or spending a cent on ads. 


Once you know how to identify your people, create irresistible content for them, and get in front of them consistently…

👉🏻 You’ll never struggle to fill your audience with right-fit buyers again.

Hello, consistently profitable months!

Wondering how it works?

Boost Your Brand’s Superfans uses a 4-part formula to fill your audience with the *right* people for your business

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s waiting inside for you

Welcome Module

Before you can start growing your audience with the right people, you must get clear on two things: your numbers and your mindset.

You’ll walk away from the Welcome Module with: 

  • An inventory of what’s worked for you in the past (and what hasn’t!), so you can get the best results from your limited time going forward. 
  • Clarity on exactly who the right--and wrong--people are for your business, and how you need to show up to attract these people. 
  • An insight into the mindset challenges that are stopping you from showing up consistently, so you can overcome them as you work through the course.

Audience Growth Prep

Module 1

If you want to attract a perfect-fit audience for your products and services, you have to get clear on *exactly* how you’ll stand out from the noise and connect with them. 

You’ll walk away from Module 1 with: 

  • An understanding of your different audiences and how to speak their language at each stage of the buyer journey. 
  • A complete list of where you can reach and connect with your ideal clients outside of social media.
  • A deep insight into the language your ideal clients are using, so you can create content that grabs the attention of the right people and stands out from the noise. 

Identify the Right People

Module 3

Once you know who your people are and how to create remarkable content for them, your job is to get in front of them. You can't lean back and hope the algorithm shows your content to the right people. Instead, you need to build a visibility plan to get your brand and content in front of the right people.

You’ll walk away from Module 3 with: 

  • An understanding of how to leverage other audiences to expand your reach (without adding to your work hours).
  • Your complete 90-day visibility plan to consistently get you in front of your ideal clients, even when you don’t feel like it. 
  • A short-and-sticky pitch you can share to turn the new people you’re reaching into followers and leads, without feeling icky or salesy. 

Get in Front of Your People

Module 2

With the online world noisier than ever, knowing exactly what to share is a key part of attracting the right audience. Once you get clear on what your people want to see from you, standing out online becomes simple. 

You’ll walk away from Module 2 with: 

  • An understanding of what makes content *remarkable* and how to use this to your advantage in a world dominated by Chat-GPT.
  • A solid strategy for where you’ll show up online and how you’ll repurpose your content across platforms for maximum impact in the least amount of time. 
  • Your strategic content pillars, angles and topics so you’re never left wondering, “what the heck should I talk about this week?” 

Create Remarkable Content

Module 4

The one thing that’ll slow your momentum or derail your growth strategy? Lack of consistency! But showing up consistently can be easy, if you have the right habits, structures and systems in place. 

You’ll walk away from Module 4 with: 

  • A new audience growth review ritual that gives you complete clarity on what’s moving the needle (and what isn’t) so you can accelerate your growth. 
  • The structure and systems that make it easy to stay consistent, even if you struggle with structure and consistency. 
  • Actionable steps you can take the next time you notice yourself procrastinating or getting caught in perfectionism.

Accelerate Your Growth

Plus! Build Your Brand’s Superfans comes with bonuses to help you grow your audience faster than *ever*

Bonus Module

Get access to my library of mini-trainings on audience growth tactics that are working right now.

→ How to Land Your Next Podcast Guest Pitch
→ How to Pitch Media Features
→ How to Pitch High Visibility Collaborations
+ more!

The Growth Tactics Library ($297+ value)

Bonus Module

Take the guesswork out of how to create and promote an irresistible lead magnet so you can add the right buyers to your email list on autopilot

Plus, learn how to set it all up in Kajabi or Activecampaign, whichever you prefer. (No need for both. And no need for tech headaches!)

Build Your Email List from Scratch ($297 value)

"4 years into my business I still felt like I was winging it, and I wanted a plan to define, reach, and grow my audience. My audience has evolved and I'm feeling so confident in what I'm talking about and excited to share it. The concept of “remarkable content” has been a game-changer. BYBS leaves no stone unturned— as I’m going through the course and think 'oh I want to know HOW to do xyz' Steph answers it in the next video!"

- Chelsie Hayes

What some of my founding students said...

"I joined BYBS at the time when I was rebranding and pivoting my audience. Already in Module 2, I am clear about who my audience is, what type of content I want to create and have content ideas lined up. Steph provides a lot of prompt questions to unpack what is needed for each area. This is super helpful for anyone who struggles with coming up with ideas or might have the tendency to overthink!"

- Esther Bangura

“My audience has evolved and I'm feeling so confident in what I'm talking about and excited to share it”

“Already in Module 2, I am clear about who my audience is, what type of content I want to create and have content ideas lined up”

Ready to celebrate wins like those?

Fill your audience with people who want what you’re selling & are ready to pay for it

i'm ready, let's do this!

I’m an online business strategist, helping experts, coaches and course creators to build profitable online businesses that continue to grow even when they’re offline. 

After supporting over 4,000 (and counting!) students, the biggest hurdle for business owners in today’s online world is clear:

Growing an audience of right-fit buyers.

Corporate dropout, Shiraz lover, keen hiker and proud mother of a naughty Cavoodle. 

Hey! I'm Steph—

They’re struggling to reach enough people to hit their revenue goals. They’re finding it hard to stand out amongst the clutter online. And they have no idea where to spend their time, when they’re juggling dozens of priorities at the same time. 

The end result? Their business isn’t growing as quickly as they’d like it to. 

Here’s the good news: if you’re worried about not having enough of the right-fit people in your audience, you don’t need to go back to the drawing board…

You just need the strategy, structure and systems to consistently get your offers in front of more eyeballs. The right eyeballs. 

And once you lock in a strategy to grow your audience consistently and reliably?

That’s when business becomes profitable (and fun!)

If you’re with me, I can’t wait to show you how to fill your audience with the right people who are ready and willing to buy what you’re selling.

wait. we've met, right?

Growing an audience is about more than just increasing your follower count or launching your lead magnet (though those things surely play a part!)

Inside Boost Your Brand’s Superfans, you’ll use the 4-part framework to help you attract the right people into your digital orbit—not once—but over and over again so you can make a bigger profit and a bigger impact

Boost Your Brand’s Superfans isn’t a basic “how to get more followers” or “build your email list” training


Teach short-term tactics that only last as long as the latest algorithm does

Focus on quantity over quality (and push getting more followers and subscribers above all else)

Rely on paid traffic or big ad spend budgets

Tell you what to do but fall short of covering why or how to do it

Don’t address the mindset hurdles that often prevent us from showing up online consistently

Shows you how to build a long-term audience growth plan that’s backed by strategy—one that won’t go belly up the next time the Instagram algorithms change

Teaches you how to create and share content that deeply resonates with the *right* people—the ones who want what you’re selling and will spend money for it

Teaches skills and strategies to grow your audience quickly, for f-r-e-e

Uses a 4-part formula to fill your audience with ready-to-buy superfans

Helps you identify and overcome the mindset challenges that subconsciously sabotage your efforts to grow your audience

Other Audience Growth Programs...

Boost Your Brand’s Superfans...

Just in case you’re looking for some hints as to what’s to come…


$187 USD today
Plus 2 further monthly instalments of $187



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Lifetime access to the Boost Your Brand's Superfans course content 

The Growth Tactics Library

All future bonuses to be announced

$497 USD

Lifetime access to the Boost Your Brand's Superfans course content 

The Growth Tactics Library

All future bonuses to be announced

That’s fair. There’s no shortage of people on the internet telling you what to do.

If you find yourself shouting “That’s me!” to any of the following, you can join Boost Your Brand’s Superfans knowing this program was made to help you fill your audience with the *right* people—sustainably and consistently

Still wondering if Boost Your Brand’s Superfans is for you?

Don’t want to shell out for paid advertising?

Excellent! Because you won’t be doing that here.

You’ll learn how to attract people who are ready to buy your products without spending a cent on Facebook ads

Boost Your Brand's Superfans isn't about learning fluffy theory you won't ever use.

Each video lesson is short and the main focus is to get you to implement the things that will grow your audience. 

(And if you don't have time for action, well, please don't be surprised if your audience is still the same size this time next year)

You’re on a tight budget

You're sitting on a pile of unused courses because you just don't have the time to do them

It’s no secret: I’m a big fan of doing less, not more.

Inside Boost Your Brand’s Superfans, I’ll show you how to do more of the right things, so you can grow your audience more efficiently and stop wasting time on things that don’t move the needle

You feel like you’re doing too much stuff already and don’t have time to do more

Great—it sounds like you're someone who takes action. If you've already got an engaged audience and it's growing consistently each month, at the rate you want it to grow,  then it sounds like you've got this sorted.

If not, then BYBS is the perfect fit for you. Inside the course, you won't find the same beginner advice you've heard before, but instead a new strategy to grow your audience for years to come.

Ooh! Good news: You don’t have to. The organic audience growth strategy I share doesn’t rely on specific trends or tactics—you can swipe it and apply it to whatever platforms you feel most comfortable showing up on. Heck—you don't even need to be on social media if you don't want to be!

You've already been in business for years and have an audience

Boost Your Brand’s Superfans is an extension of what’s inside Launch Magic—there’s zero overlap.

Where LM is all about what to do *during* your launch, BYBS teaches you how to grow your audience between launches so you can keep making a bigger impact (and bigger profit!) each time you launch

You’re terrified of sharing a Reel or don't want to be on social media

You’ve already done Launch Magic, or you plan to join Launch Magic in the 2024 intake

Find and attract the right people into your audience—the ones who need what you’re selling, are willing to pay for it and will *actually* take action. No fence sitters or price hagglers.

Grow your email list, social media following and content impact quicker than ever before and without relying on paid ads

Identify what worked and what didn’t so that you can dial up your audience growth even quicker.

Overcome the mindset muck that keeps you from putting yourself out there (imposter syndrome, anyone?!), attracting the right people into your brand universe and sharing your magic with the world.

In as little as four weeks from now, you’ll be able to…

Yes! sign me up, steph

I get it. Sometimes the only way to know whether something is the right fit for you is to jump in there and try it out for yourself. 

So I’m giving you the opportunity to join Boost Your Brand’s Superfans risk-free.

If you implement the course material and don’t see measurable audience growth within 8 weeks of purchase, simply turn over your action plan (and show me you’ve taken action!) and I’ll refund you in full.

Sound like a fair deal?

Your purchase is protected by an 8-week do-the-work money-back guarantee


How long will it take me to grow my audience?



That depends! The strategies you’ll discover in Boost Your Brand’s Superfans work in both the short- and long-term. The quicker you get started implementing, the faster you’ll see measurable results.

I’m still in the early stages of my business. Will this work for me or should I wait until I’m further along?


Right now is the best time to join. You’re in a great position because you can get intentional about WHO you want to attract into your audience and create a product that suits exactly what they want and need from you.

So when you launch, you'll have an audience who wants what you're selling and is ready to buy from you.

I’m thinking about joining Launch Magic next round. Is this still worthwhile?


Yes. Boost Your Brand’s Superfans is an extension of what’s inside Launch Magic—there’s zero overlap.

Where LM is all about what to do *during* your launch, Boost Your Brand’s Superfans teaches you how to grow your audience between launches so you can keep making a bigger impact (and bigger profit!) each time you launch.

I’m on a tight budget. Will I need to make any other investments?


Nope—the whole point of Boost Your Brand’s Superfans is to teach you how to grow your audience organically. That is, without spending any money to fill your audience with quality buyers! 

I’m overwhelmed by the thought of showing up online consistently. Can I do this?


Of course you can. As an introvert myself, I’m the first one to admit showing up online can be super uncomfortable in the beginning,

But confidence comes from doing.

And when you have the tools to show up and talk to your audience in a way that resonates, it makes the *doing* part infinitely more simple.

So, just to be clear: You absolutely can show up online consistently and boost your brand’s superfans even if you consider yourself an introvert, you need to schedule naps between Zoom calls, or you aren’t a social media shark.

All you need is a strategy, an action plan, and to show up. You’ve got this!

I don’t want to do a Reel. Or a Facebook Live. Do I have to be on social media?


Nope! The truth is, when you have a solid organic audience strategy, you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. And you certainly don’t have to hop on the latest trends if that’s not your thing.

Everything you’ll learn in Boost Your Brand’s Superfans can be applied to whatever platforms you *want* to show up on.

I’ve got another Q for you!


Excellent. I love answering your questions. Shoot me an email at hello@stephtaylor.co and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Then you’re ready to fill your audience with people who are ready to buy from you.

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