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Your plant-whispering*, Bulletproof coffee-addicted digital product launch strategist here to guide online entrepreneurial go-getters in the art of transforming overwhelming launch stress into simple launch success with the help of clever launch marketing. 

Because that precious idea you’ve been cuddling close to your heart (but have been more than a little scared to unleash into the world)?

It’s epic. Seriously. It deserves to be shared. It deserves to be celebrated. And it deserves to succeed! 

Which is why I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to launch it … with zero sleaze and all the ease. 

*Literally. Figgy, my fiddle leaf gives stellar life advice. 

Hey there! I’m Steph. 

meet your launch bestie

Spoiler alert - you'll learn Amy's business journey and online course creation tips.

Amy Porterfield talks online course creation

Spoiler alert - you'll learn why you should not build your audience on borrowed land. 

Why you need to build an email list

Spoiler alert - you'll learn why launching is relevant to every business.

Why you can't avoid launching

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Grab a vino (or three!) and tune in while your resident digital product launch strategist (that’s me!) deep dives into the nitty-gritty launch marketing intel you need to know so you can stop learning and start doing. 

Warning: Each podcast contains irresistibly addictive content with straight-up launch strategies, marketing tactics and actionable insight to help you explode your next launch.

How to launch an online course?

How to launch a podcast?

Whether your audience is big enough to launch yet?

How the heck to promote your launch?  

Ever wondered (and worried!):

Bite-sized lessons on launching and online marketing for online entrepreneurs

Socialette Podcast

I'm really loving this podcast. It's the only podcast I let automatically download because I want to listen to every episode. Thank you :)

- Doradodo

Valuable lessons without the fluff

I feel like I've listened to a million podcasts in my search for help. But this is the one. THE one. Thank you so much.

- Shae Rich

Worth every minute

Omg took me so long to figure out how to review on here - but I needed to because Steph's podcast is so good! It's my fav podcast for sure. So fun and informative and I need all the marketing tips I can get! Thanks for sharing your knowledge in an easy to understand way Steph!

- Sarah197

Great Fun & Informative Podcast


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5 ways my business has changed my life (for better and for worse)

Validating your ideas before launching them

Launching is for EVERYONE ( + why you can’t avoid launching forever)

On the blog

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Launching is for EVERYONE ( + why you can’t avoid launching forever)

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Validating your ideas before launching them

read more

5 ways my business has changed my life (for better and for worse)

On the blog

Morgan Spencer, Martini Mondays

I was worried I'd launch something that nobody would buy. Our session together gave me probably the most clarity I've had in my business and the best hour I have ever spent! I was expecting to chat out my ideas and get some input on the next steps. What I got? Full-blown strategy, cemented my product, which tech to use, how to market it - all I had to do was go away and do the work to bring it to life. Our time together was incredibly efficient and I walked away with a completely different game plan, mindset shift, and actionable steps to bring me closer to launching a product I know is going to be successful. I feel excited to create the product because I have a strategy to follow and the process has become so much easier. Now I have so much clarity around the product and bringing it to life but also my new business model and how everything fits together.

Before working with Steph, I had a really clear idea in my mind of what I wanted to create and who for, but when it came to actually creating and launching the product, I was so lost.

Bec Miller, Health With Bec

Then.. we started working together and everything changed. It’s the best thing that’s happened for me in business this year. Steph’s knowledge is absolute gold as it’s extremely evident that she’s done her own research from the best, continues to learn and genuinely loves helping me to her best ability. She has helped me more than I can explain and I’ll be forever grateful. Steph is a caring, passionate and smart woman who I would highly recommend 1000 times over and never stop raving about. Thank you Steph!

Steph's podcast was helping me immensely, but I still felt like I needed individual help, guidance and a one-stop-shop for my questions in this highly saturated industry that left me unsure of exactly what to do for ME.

Inside this free ebook, you'll find 3 simple steps to start creating an online course, membership, ebook or other digital product. 

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