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BITE-SIZED LESSONS in marketing and launching for entrepreneurs

Where do I begin marketing my business online? How do I start building an email list? How do I use social media marketing to grow my business?

Join me as I answer these questions and dive deep into the nitty-gritty marketing know-how you need to grow your business. Each episode is overflowing with straight-up marketing strategies, tactics and actionable insight - so you can stop learning and start doing

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What's my story?

I'm a corporate dropout turned podcaster, speaker and passport stamp collector. But things weren't always so fine and dandy. 

In 2016, during the launch of my health food side-hustle, I hit rock bottom. Thud. 

Being an over-achiever, I couldn't settle for simply burning the candle at both ends. Nope - this little candle was melting in a bonfire. 

Naturally, something had to give. And, it did... 

A fortnight out from launch day, my body decided it needed a break. A 7-day, all-inclusive hospital kind of break. No champagne upon arrival.

The big lesson? You're putting too much pressure on yourself by trying to do everything. 

I'm here to show you that marketing can be simple and launching doesn't have to be stressful.


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