​​​​​​​the A-Z guide to getting paying customers and clients from Instagram, even if the only person who likes your posts is your mother
Because likes and followers don't pay the bills...
So, you've heard that Instagram marketing can empower your business to build a strong brand, reach new audiences, and nurture your followers into paying customers and clients...
(Or worse - you've started... And only the crickets seem to care)
If you dream of having a beautiful, effortless Instagram feed that's backed by a kick-ass strategy to nail your business goals, this is the ebook for you.
"The only guide to Instagram marketing you need"
"Insta Domination is the only guide to Instagram marketing you need. Steph is plain speaking and full of practical advice to help you pick up the quick wins on the path to strategic success. No matter what your level of marketing experience, Insta Domination is an investment in you and your business. Thanks Steph!"

Melissa Bowen

Corporate Escapee, Marketing Consultant & Small Business Owner
Other Instagram ebooks gloss over the nitty gritty...

Like, how to write Instagram captions that convert, how to pick the best Instagram hashtags for your business, and how the heck to stand out from every other perfectly curated feed out there.

Inside this 126-page Instagram ebook and workbook, you'll find all of the above and a whole lot more. 

You'll discover how to..,
Nail your branding and leverage it to build brand advocates and highly-engaged Instagram fans
Get crystal clear on your ideal customer so you can write Instagram captions that resonate
Optimise your Instagram profile to become discoverable by your target audience
Craft a magnetic Instagram presence that draws the right people to your brand
Take and edit better photos on your smartphone - no fancy equipment needed!
Create and curate content that adds value and builds a connection with your audience
Grow a highly-engaged following without bots, spamming, comment pods or follow-unfollow methods
Get your followers onto your email list so you can turn them into paying customers or clients
Interpret your Instagram analytics and leverage it so that you get the highest possible engagement
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