Your first 1,000 listeners: How to launch your podcast without the overwhelm

(even if your audience is non-existent, you  have nightmares about anything remotely "techy" and you're terrified nobody will listen)

Free Podcasting Masterclass

Here's the thing: If you're not making money from your podcast, then it's just another thing taking up space on your to-do list. In this masterclass, I'm showing you 3 simple ways to generate income and grow your business, using your podcast.


This is the most crucial decision you will make in your podcast launch. Your podcast topic can be the difference between a show that skyrockets your business, and one that flops. I'm letting you in on my simple strategy for your powerful podcast topic.


That are holding you back from launching a wildly successful podcast. Spoiler alert: Some of the things I'm sharing here goes against everything the podcasting "experts" will tell you.


In this free podcasting masterclass you will uncover...

You can't miss this if...

...And you've been procrastinating it *forever* because you're scared you'll do it wrong. 

You want to launch a podcast but have no idea where to start...

Not a techy person? That's 100% okay. I've designed this masterclass for people just like you, because you don't need to be tech-savvy to launch a podcast.

The tech, equipment and platforms scare you

You're busy. You can't afford to waste time launching a podcast that nobody listens to. In this masterclass, I'll show you how to make your podcast stand out so you get listeners when you launch. 

you're terrified of wasting time on something that won't work

Steph x

I'm the host of Imperfect Action - a bite-sized marketing podcast that hit #1 in launch week, has had more than 2 million downloads and counting, and allowed me to quit the done-for-you client work I hated so much.

Join me in this jam-packed 60 minute masterclass and I promise to share the exact strategies I used to launch and grow my podcast to what it is today. 

Hope to see you there!

I've taught more than 150,000 people how to start a podcast in my free masterclasses and paid offers.

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