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Offer Less, Sell More

Make more sales, help more people, and escape the all-or-nothing revenue rollercoaster through intentional design + refinement of your offer suite

for real.

Without the right offers, you're limiting your income. 

You don't need thousands of followers to make a consistent income in your business.

(↑ that’s the good news)

But you do need a strategy for what you're selling. 

Let me start with the bad news first: You can launch a #1 podcast, create the best TikTok content, and have thousands of Instagram followers—and still struggle to generate consistent sales. (I should know—my very first business had 20k Instagram followers and was barely marking $5k a month… Oof).  

Despite what you might have heard, the ‘bigger is better’ logic doesn’t always check out when it comes to building your audience, and the truth is—

Which means all of that time and energy you’re putting into social media and audience growth could be better spent elsewhere. 

Whether you're brand new to this online business thing or you've been in it since before Instagram began... 

If you're struggling to consistently make sales, chances are you're making one of these three common mistakes:

Mistake #1: YouR service or offer needs variety

There's nothing wrong with having a core service or a signature course, but it's likely limiting your sales and your impact. That's because different people have different budgets, different problems and different needs. 

Mistake #2: you're overwhelming your audience

If you're giving your audience too many options, you're probably overwhelming them. And yourself too—it's straight-up exhausting to run a business with so many different offers! 

Mistake #3: Your Suite of offerings Should Solve Different Problems

Coaching! Online courses! Ebooks! A membership! You sell a diverse range of offers, but they all lead to the same end goal. If a client has a great experience with your business, they'll likely want to buy from you again. But they can't if you have nothing else to offer them. 

Regardless of which mistake you're making, the result is the same:

You're not making as many sales as you'd like—and you don't know what else you can do to create more consistent income in your business.  

A self-paced course and workbook to strategically design and refine your offer suite in just 3 hours, so you can make more sales, help a wider range of people, and escape the all-or-nothing revenue rollercoaster. 

Offer Less, Sell More


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You'll identify the opportunities for new offers your audience needs right now (I call them... Offertunities 🤭) and swipe the strategy I use to stay two steps ahead of others in a super crowded industry. 

Together, we'll work through my four-stage process:

1. Become an opportunity spotter

You'll intentionally design your offer suite to maximise your income, your impact and your freedom, without adding hundreds of tasks to your to-do list or selling offers that don't spark joy. 

2. Design your offer suite strategy 

You'll get complete clarity on what each new offer will be, how you'll communicate it and how you'll price it. You'll also plan a timeline for these offers, so you know exactly where to focus your time for maximum growth. 

3. Map out your new offers

You'll identify the best way to sell each of your new offers. While I love launching, I don't believe that every single offer needs a full 90-day live launch, but unless you have a strategy to sell your offers, they won't sell. 

4. Plan your selling strategy 

By the time you finish video #4, you'll have complete clarity on exactly what digital products and/or services to offer, how to sell them and where to focus your time for best results. 

And, because I know you're excited to start making sales sooner rather than later, you'll also walk away with one offer you can start selling right away—like, 10 minutes after you finish the course.

Yep—you read that right. I call this your "low-hanging fruit offer" and I believe that every business has one. And in Offer Less, Sell More, you'll uncover yours. 

You won't need to spend months creating and launching this offer, which means this could bring you a nice cashflow boost this month.

Most of all, it sets your business up for sustainable, long-term success — something I wish I'd thought about before I had my first million-dollar year... 

An intentional offer suite gives you focus, so you can avoid shiny object syndrome and instead spend your limited time and energy on the offers that actually move the needle. 

It makes it easier to grow your audience with the right people, because you have clarity on who your offers are for (and not for!). 

And it allows you to serve your audience better, helping them at different stages of their journey, which doesn’t just mean less time spent trying to attract more leads, but also more meaningful relationships with the people you serve. 

You can strategically design your offer suite to attract new ideal clients and keep them coming back—without creating a huge library of digital products or offering 50 different services. 


But I screwed it up. I made a huuuuge mistake that I estimate cost me around a million dollars of potential income:

I had thousands of new customers buying one offer—and I had nothing else to sell them.

Back in 2020, my business went from a $10k month in February, to a $58k month in March, to a $357k month in April.

Wild, right?

After 2 years of working so hard on my business, I finally had some growth! 

Hey! I'm Steph —

They were literally ASKING for other ways to work with me, and I had no other offers for them. 

And it was only when sales started to slow down that I realised I hadn't built a sustainable business. My entire income was tied to one offer.

Which meant I needed to spend huge amounts of time, energy and ad budget attracting a never-ending flow of new leads to keep making sales--which was exhausting and expensive!

So I took a step back and started designing my offer suite, intentionally this time. I created new ways to work with me, and it worked.

By doing this, I built a consistently profitable business that didn't rely on just one successful product. 

If you're struggling to create consistent income and you'd like to set your business up for long-term, sustainable profits, then I'd love to introduce you to my hands-on short course that'll completely shift your business in just 3 hours: 

"I felt overwhelmed with all the hypothetical things I could offer, but Offer Less, Sell More gave me clarity on how best to serve my ICA. I now feel far more focused and confident with my offerings suite."

— Phoebe Tully

“I was struggling to come up with digital product ideas for my business. I had done a little bit of market research but was left feeling confused and scattered all over the place. After Offer Less Sell More, I immediately had my first digital product idea and was actually excited to work on it.”

— Cassidy Horton

“With the low hanging fruit concept, I got clear on what offer I could begin selling first in a simple, doable, and playful way” 

— John Jardin

"I was thinking I had to dump 100+ hours into building out a course I could sell for $997. Offer Less, Sell More showed me how practical and easy it was to start with a low-hanging fruit offer first."

— Cassidy Horton

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Get instant access to Offer Less, Sell More

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  • Self-paced course guiding you step-by-step through the process
  • Digital workbook to complete as you go through the workshop, so you have your offers and strategy on paper by the time you finish

I know solid investments are a huge priority for you right now, so rest assured your purchase is protected by a 'get-the-outcome' guarantee

One of the best parts of Offer Less, Sell More is the fact you'll walk away with clarity on an offer you can start selling to your existing audience right away.  

All you have to do is watch the lessons and do the work. 

So, if you watch all the lessons in full, complete the workbook and can't identify that 'low-hanging fruit' offer in YOUR business, email within 3 days of purchase with the subject line "Offer Less, Sell More refund" and attach your completed workbook to receive a full refund. 

That way, I can hold you accountable to the commitment you make when you purchase this offer (i.e. to actually use it!), and you can keep me honest about the value inside the course. 

Sound like a fair deal? 

Your purchase is protected by a do-the-work money-back guarantee. 

Get instant access

“This program helped me to redesign my entire offer suite with new pricing and a rebrand which I know is going to change my business and my life”

— Nicki Sciberras

“Before I did Offer Less, Sell More, I was finding it a challenge for my bank balance to reflect the hours I worked. This program helped me to redesign my entire offer suite with new pricing and a rebrand which I know is going to change my business and my life and be super valuable for clients. The part I enjoyed most was mapping out my offer suite. It allowed me to strategically plan my profit and time. As a result, I now have a solid plan moving forward that I know will help me build the business I desire.”

"I created an offer suite which includes 3 additional offers for my existing clients to get further support as their systems grow"

— Colie James

"Before I did Offer Less, Sell More I was limiting my ability to work with existing clients after I solved their main issue. After working through the workshop I created an offer suite which includes 3 additional offers for my existing clients to get further support as their systems grow. To date I have sold $5k+ in backend offers to existing clients. An added bonus, now that I have a paid offer for those past clients, this creates a good boundary to not offer additional support for free."

First up, this is NOT the right fit for you if: 

You know what? That’s a great thing to think about before you join. So let me help you figure that out.

You've made it all the way down this page and you're probably thinking: "This sounds nice, but how can I be sure this is what I need in MY business?!" 

Let me guess...

✘  You've already got a suite of products and services you're happy with, they're selling consistently and delivering epic results for your clients.

✘ You have an eCommerce store that sells physical products only. (This workshop is designed for service-based and digital product-based businesses).

✘ Your business is bricks and mortar, and you have no intention to start selling online.

✘ You want to create a large Netflix-style shop of digital products. 

✘  You only want to offer one way to work with you—just ONE signature course or core service.

Most of all, this isn't the right fit for you if you intend to just add it to your collection of trainings you'll watch "one day". 

I've designed this process to be very actionable and hands-on. If you're hoping to sit back and learn some theory you won't ever use, this isn't for you. 

On the other hand, if you're willing to watch the lessons, take action as you go through them and keep implementing what you've learned after we wrap up...

 ...then this is a great fit for you, even if:

Rome wasn't built in a day, and your offer suite won't be either. Whether it takes you six months or six years to build out all your offers, this workshop will give you clarity on where you're headed, meaning you can avoid the shiny object trap and focus your limited time on what will move the needle most. 

✔ You don't have the time to spend creating loads of different offers right now.

While I looove digital products, I know they're not for everybody. If you love delivering services and don't want to add a digital product to the mix, that's all good. Whether you have no idea what other services to sell, or you have way too many and you're exhausted, this workshop is for you. 

✔ You have no intention of ever selling an online course, group program or other digital product. 

By the end of Offer Less, Sell More, you'll have complete clarity on each offer—including what price to sell it at and how to communicate it. You'll also walk away with a timeline of what to do (and when) so you can get out of indecision and inaction, and start making more sales. 

✔ You vaguely know what you want to sell, but you've been struggling to price it and put it all together for FAR too long. 

One way to blend in? Sell the same offers as everyone else in your industry. In this short course, you'll uncover how to use your offers as a point of difference—so you can stand out in even the most crowded fields. 

✔ You're in a saturated market and you're struggling to stand out.

I've been running this business for around 5 years and I still regularly refresh my existing offers, retire ones that don't spark joy and create new ones when I spot opportunities. So if you're thinking that maybe your offer suite could be better—and you're open to making changes—then this will help you find the sweet spot where your offers (and your business!) feel good. 

✔ You already have a whole suite of offers, but you have a tiny hunch that they could be better.

If your existing offers don't spark joy and aren't giving you the freedom you started your business for, consider it a massive sign that you need to refine and redesign your offer suite—sooner rather than later. 

✔ You have too many offers right now and you're feeling burnt out delivering them all. 

"Before I did Offer Less, Sell More my head was swimming in options. The most valuable part I enjoyed was the interactive spreadsheet. As a result I now have a straight forward process I can use to build multiple effective offers for my audience each year."

— Josephine Jarvis

"I was really struggling with making sense of the different ideas I've had for online course creation. Steph was great and walked us through the steps required for cutting out the fluff and creating an offer that has legs. I'm really excited to flesh out my idea more, now that I've got Steph's framework I can refer to in my toolbox!"

— Kachina Dimmock

"I was struggling with identifying how I could create recurring revenue within my business without doing a membership.The most valuable part was definitely how actionable Offer Less, Sell More was and how I found immediate clarity after completing it! I have a newfound hunger to start creating a new offer with my new business model."

— Tiana Karamihas

I've been in business for a few years and already have a few different offers. Is this for me?

Oh, you have questions? I have answers…


If your offers feel streamlined, you're successfully selling them and you consistently get customers and clients coming back to buy from you on repeat, then it sounds like you've got this sorted—you don't need this course. 

On the other hand, if your offer suite feels messy and confusing, your offers don't spark joy, your audience isn't buying from you, and you're only selling to clients once, this course was made for you.

I'm brand new to business. Should I just focus on my main offer first and then come back when I'm ready to launch some new ones? 


Focus is one of the most important things you can have as a business owner. When you have a solid strategy underpinning your offers and a plan for what you're going to sell in the future, it gives you better clarity on where you're heading and what you need to focus on to get there. 

Offer Less, Sell More will give you that clarity—and it'll help you get extra strategic with your first offer too, so you can make more sales sooner ;)

How much time will I need to spend creating and launching all these new offers? 


The first piece of good news: You don't need a ton of new offers! And in this course I'm showing you how to make more sales without a huge library of offers.
The second piece of good news? Not every offer needs a big live launch, or even a sales page. In the course, I'm going to show you how to create and test your offers really quickly, so you can make more sales sooner. 

You'll also with a super simple offer you can make to your audience right away. Like, 10 minutes after you finish watching video #4.

I don't know what offer to create. Should I create a $20 mini offer or something more high ticket?


These are exactly the kinds of questions that Offer Less, Sell More is here to help you answer. In the lessons, you'll get complete clarity on what each new offer will be, how you'll communicate it and how you'll price it. 

I already have loads of offers but I'm not making enough sales. Will this workshop help me to sell more?


More offers doesn't mean more sales. In fact, my business only grew after I retired most of my old courses and streamlined my offers. 

In Offer Less, Sell More, you'll go through your existing offer suite, break it apart (ouch!) and rebuild it in a way that drives more consistent sales in your business. 

I have another question that's not answered here! 


Great! Send it through to and my team will get back to you with an answer to help you figure out whether this is the right fit for you or not. 

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(price is inc. GST for Aussies)

One payment of

Get instant access to Offer Less, Sell More

$247 USD

  • Self-paced course guiding you step-by-step through the process
  • Digital workbook to complete as you go through the workshop, so you have your offers and strategy on paper by the time you finish