Just a step-by-step game plan to get your podcast idea out of your head and into the top of the charts

No overwhelm, no tech nightmares, and no theory

Your A-Z podcast launch plan

for real.

A podcast is the most effective way to become the go-to in your niche, attract quality leads and make consistent sales.

(Dubious? A study by Infinite Dial found that 63% of podcast listeners have bought something the host promoted… a stat that puts Facebook’s 3% click-through rates to shame) 

And result - directly - in sales

(i.e. ones who won’t try and haggle you down on prices, or suck up your time with enquiries, then never follow through) 

Put you front-of-mind for your ideal prospects

(which means people and opportunities will seek YOU out, not the other way around)

Are one of the cheapest and most effective ways to build authority

Allow you to build trust and connection — quickly

While other marketing tools are either hit ‘n miss or painfully slow burn, podcasts... 

If any of these are hitting home, it’s time you and I had a little chat. 

“I’m just not techy enough…”

“What if I launch and nobody listens?”

“Aren’t there, like, a GAZILLION podcasts already? I think I’ve missed the boat.”

“I don’t have a big enough audience.”

“There’s way too much on my plate right now. Maybe next year…”

“OMG I can’t even pick a microphone. This is way too hard.”

“But, for real… where do I even start?”

Problem is, these prickly little thoughts keep getting in the way…

But you already know most of that, which is why you’ve been thinking about launching your own podcast for a while 

I launched Imperfect Action (formerly Socialette) in May 2018, spurred on by nothing more than a dose of FOMO and a sneaking suspicion that a podcast would have some seriously powerful flow-on effects for my business — *if* I could pull it off. (Yep, all those prickly little thoughts I mentioned above were going through my head, too… in fact, it took me almost 2 years to push through all the mental muck and make my first move)

It turned out to be the best business decision I've made. 

I’m also the host of bite-sized online marketing podcast, Imperfect Action. 

Corporate dropout, Shiraz lover, coffee fiend, and teeth-whitening aficionado (I’ll let you join the dots).

Hey! I'm Steph —

Because the fact that I’ve been through the process and come out the other side (with results that still have me pinching myself!) means I can offer you a short-cut. 

A podcast launch course that allows you to get YOUR podcast up and running in as little as 4 weeks — without the facepalm moments. 

Ugh, so many facepalm moments. But, as you know, this story has a happy ending. 

It also has a silver lining. 

I wasted $300 on a microphone that flat out didn’t work for my set-up… at a point in my business where that was a really sizeable investment

I got this close (*holds fingers millimeters apart*) to choosing a hosting platform that would’ve left me with no control over my own content

And I wasted SO much time trying to learn Adobe Audition because the internet said it was the best editing software out there (it’s also the most expensive!) - when all I needed was something that was already on my computer

for example...

Now, if you’re thinking my podcast launch was all smooth-sailing and sparkling Shiraz, I’m about to burst your bubble. Because the truth is I made a bunch of mistakes (costly ones!) along the way, thanks to the fact I chose to DIY, using the black hole that is Google as my only guide.

Less than 6 months later, I was speaking about my podcast launch strategy on the same stage as podcasting legends Pat Flynn and Jordan Harbinger.

By the end of 2018 (thanks to the huge boost in visibility my podcast had given me) I was making enough course sales to quit the “done-for-you” client marketing work that drained me so much. HELLOOO, FREEDOM.

In 2019, I ticked off the goal of interviewing my dream guest - Amy Porterfield. 

And, as of today, my little podcast has 1.2 million downloads (and counting).

In that first week, my show skyrocketed to #1 in the Apple Podcasts business charts. 

(Well, technically I can't *guarantee* that you'll get into the charts... But I CAN guarantee it's the exact process I used to get my own podcast to #1 in the business charts, and get over 300 5-star reviews) 

AKA the step-by-step plan to get your podcast idea out of your head and into the top charts 

Introducing... The A-Z Podcast Launch Plan

Get the Podcast launch plan

"My technical skills are very limited; I never ever thought I'd be able to actually pull this off - but with the help of the A-Z Podcast Launch Plan I've achieved it! 

Launching this on my own has been nerve-wracking, but the response I've had has been incredible and given me the motivation to keep going. Being a mental health comedy podcast, I was concerned the response may not be great, however I've had so many people reach out to me saying the episodes have helped them and made them feel less alone which has made this all worth it. 

- Yasmin Anning, Have You Tried Being Happy?

"Steph's A-Z Podcast Launch Plan took me from start to finish in launching my podcast. It was clear and simple to use and follow.

On launch day we hit the Top 20 in Australia for educational podcasts and our reviews have been so positive. Thank you Steph for helping me launch The Divorce and Separation Podcast"

- Nikki Parkinson, The Divorce and Separation Podcast

Kind words from a student...

Builds your authority and credibility

Generates income for your business

Opens the doors to collaborations and speaking opportunities

Doesn't drain your bank account or take up hours every week

Inside the A-Z Podcast Launch Plan, you’ll find everything you need to successfully launch a podcast that...

Is purely focused on stepping you through the actions you need to take, in the order you need to take them. There's no theory. No lengthy training videos. And no bloody worksheets.

Get bogged down in the how, loading you up with video lessons and worksheets and unnecessary theory aka stuff that sucks up the time you could be using to actually move your launch forward. 

Assumes you know as much about the tech side of things as your 92-year-old Grandma, and breaks things down accordingly.

Rely on YOU having an understanding of tech.

Costs less than I spend on coffee in a month and is designed to have you launching your podcast in as little as 6 weeks (without having to sacrifice sleep and sanity in the process).

Skip over the little steps that make a big difference.

Steps you through exactly what you need, regardless of whether you’re launching a podcast based on interviews, solo commentary, panel discussions, storytelling, or something else. 

Are only relevant for specific kinds of podcasts.

Wouldn’t skip this part for ANYTHING because I want to make damn well sure you have a loyal group of listeners right from the get-go. 

Leave out the most important part of the puzzle: a marketing plan.

The A-Z Podcast Launch Plan

Other Podcast Launch Programs

And, just so we’re clear, here’s how I can make such grand claims

Uncover your ideal listeners and supercharge your audience growth before your podcast launch, so you aren't left wondering why only your mother tuned in on launch day 

Craft a stand-out strategy, podcast name and cover art that cut through the cluttered sea of podcasts and attract more listeners for your show 

Map out how you'll monetise your podcast and implement a powerful system for converting listeners to leads and sales

Identify the best recording equipment, software and tools for you (because - as I learned the hard way - there's no one-size-fits-all best microphone!) 

Simplify and streamline the entire recording, editing and uploading process

Discover how to create a month's worth of podcast content in under a day

Dial up your pre-launch promotion so your audience simply can't wait to tune in on launch day

Keep getting more listeners AFTER you’ve launched, thanks to a killer post-launch podcast strategy 

Using this launch plan, you will...

The A-Z Podcast Launch Plan lives in the free and easy-to-use planning app, Trello. It comes complete with tickable checklist, so you won’t miss any crucial steps as you go. It also includes clear step-by-step walkthroughs to simplify anything even remotely "techy". And if there are any parts of the launch process you don’t want to deal with, you can outsource easily, by adding your team to the checklist in 5 seconds flat (no, really - I timed it). 

The A-Z Podcast Launch Plan

Here's a sneak peek…

"The Podcast Launch Plan was easy to follow and implement. It made the process really enjoyable and took away all the stress. I had been trying to launch a podcast on my own for for than 12 months before finding this program. Thank you. "

- Pippa Hanson, Keeping Up With Life

Kind words from a student...

"If you have been thinking about starting a podcast, do yourself a favor and make your life easier buy investing in this help!! The program was amazing, I literally just followed her steps and it was so much easier than I ever thought. From the content planning to the tech recommended, the program gave me so such confidence and saved me a ton of time from researching everything on my own."

- Amy Conway, The Beloved Blonde

Kind words from a student...


(price includes GST for Australian clients)

$97 $87 USD upfront
Plus 2 further monthly installments of $97 $87



(price includes GST for Australian clients)

$247 $197 USD


So… are you ready to launch? 

I wanted to launch a podcast but I was struggling with mindset, procrastination and I had NO idea HOW to create a podcast. Since working through the Podcast Launch Plan, I launched my podcast at #3 in the "Entrepreneur" charts and #23 in the "Business" charts. I'm only one month in and I've had 750 downloads so far, got 100 new followers and have already been asked to speak at events. The Podcast Launch Plan was incredible. It was super easy to understand, follow and then plan with. It made me think of things I wouldn't have thought about. It made launching a podcast easy - no overwhelm. I've recommended it to many of my customers and will continue to recommend it to anyone who is in the process of planning and launching a poddy! I wouldn't have launched without it!"

-  Leanne Webber, Behind the Business Blinds

"Before purchasing The A-Z Podcast Launch Plan, I struggled to know where to start launching my podcast. I really enjoyed that the Podcast Launch Plan made the process easy to follow and fun. I've only just launched my podcast, but the response has been great. I've been told it makes me feel more relatable and I'm getting my work re-shared a lot more. I'm so excited and happy. It feels so right."

-  Elisha Casagrande, Feel Be Look Podcast

I was struggling with the tech requirements of launching a podcast. The Launch Plan has meant we have been able to follow the steps set out by Steph and launch our podcast successfully. It made it easier because we spent less time searching and researching equipment and tech options and were able to purchase what we needed. I loved the navigation of the Trello board and how easy it was to follow each step, and look through which parts we still needed to do. Already, we have had lots of positive feedback about our first episode and found an increase in our followers
- Isabella Gosling, Let's Talk Period podcast

Here's what others are saying about A-Z

Steph x

You've got this,


The good news is, all of THAT starts right here, with a click of this pink button. 

And it’s this stuff that cements you as a legitimate authority in your space. And, maybe quite suddenly (remember, it only took me 7 months) you have the freedom to step away from the work that drags you down and the ability to impact the people you serve in a much bigger, more meaningful way. 

Which leads to consistent traffic…

Which means consistent leads…

Which convert into consistent sales…

Which means money in the bank. Every month. More than you make now. 

All of this leads to credibility…

Which leads to speaking opportunities, partnerships, and collabs…

So let’s suppose — just for a second — you do buy The A-Z Podcast Launch Plan. You tackle one small step at a time, moving yourself forward bit-by-bit, and four weeks from now, you launch your podcast. 


Hey, I get it. All the results I’m talking about probably seem far away or straight-up impossible right now. Your imposter syndrome is probably going into overdrive, that feeling of overwhelm is closing in, and the "where-the-heck-do-I-start" panic is setting up camp somewhere in your stomach. 

So let me break it down for you — 

Because in reality, launching your podcast and getting those big-picture results is all just a series of steps. 

Still here, wondering whether to make a move?

Omg took me so long to figure out how to review on here - but I needed to because Steph's podcast is so good! It's my fav podcast for sure. So fun and informative and I need all the marketing tips I can get! Thanks for sharing your knowledge in an easy to understand way Steph!

Great Fun & Informative Podcast!


I feel like I've listened to a million podcasts in my search for help. But this is the one. THE one. Thank you so much.

Worth every minute


I'm really loving this podcast. It's the only podcast I let automatically download because I want to listen to every episode. Thank you :).

Valuable lessons w/o the fluff


A little taste-test of what YOUR future might look like

"I want this! But I’m just too busy to launch a podcast right now."



That's cool. You don't have to launch it right now. You have lifetime access to the launch plan, so that you can complete it in your time. 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years - however long it takes you, that's okay. 

“Ok, cool! As a Plan B, can I buy it a few weeks/months from now, once I’m ready to dive in?”


Of course! But you won’t be able to get the discount, which means you’ll be paying more money for exactly the same thing...

"I hate technology and technology hates me. Does your launch plan cover the complicated techy bits in a way I can actually understand?"


Why yes. It does. Inside The A-Z Podcast Launch Plan, you'll find all the step-by-simple-step guides you need to record and edit your episodes, set up your show, publish your episodes, and get them into Apple Podcasts. And the best news is that they're really not as complicated as those 872 Google searches would have you believe. 

"So how’s this different from an online course?”


There are no lessons. No worksheets. No lengthy training videos. And, most importantly: No. Bloody. Slideshows. Just every little step you need to take to bring your podcast to life.   

“Why should I pay for this, when most of the information is available on the internet for free?”


Great question! And yes, you'll find that most of this information is available on the internet. The difference is that I've taken every single thing you need to know and DO to launch your podcast, and put it in an easy to follow, step-by-step action plan. The result? You save hours in the process and you can rest assured that all your boxes are ticked, come launch day.

“I’m on the other side of the world to you, Steph… will this still be relevant?”


100%. The process of launching a podcast looks the same no matter where you are in the world. I’ve had business owners from America, The UK, New Zealand and Norway use the A-Z Podcast Launch Plan (to name a few!), so I can guarantee you don’t need to be in Australia for everything inside to apply. 

“I have another question…”


Great! Send me an email and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


(price includes GST for Australian clients)

$97 $87 USD upfront
Plus 2 further monthly installments of $97 $87



(price includes GST for Australian clients)

$247 $197 USD


So… are you ready to launch?