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I’m an ex corporate square peg who has found my home outside of the round hole in educating and guiding online entrepreneurs in the art of intentional (and fun!) launches so they can achieve more impact, create more profit and foster more freedom in their business. 

Through my signature framework, I help brands launch and relaunch their offerings to reach more people, grow their audience and become the go-to geniuses in their industry

Hey there! I’m Steph. 

My mistakes were magic though. My mistakes were what showed me where I needed to focus my attention. 

So I took on a student mindset and invested all of my time, resources, money, energy and caffeine into learning everything I could about successful launches, before methodically implementing it into my business.  

So even though I recovered, launched and had ALL the Instagram followers … I got ZERO results. 

I’d skipped all the steps that I *now* know are so important and raced ahead to what I thought I was meant to be doing. 

It was like watering a fake plant. Sure, it might look like it’s thriving, but you and I both know that the water is dripping straight onto the floor. 

Not validating my idea to check whether my dream customers would actually like it (let alone love it enough to part with their precious dollars). 

Failing to communicate my idea in a way that made it compellingly irresistible for my audience. 

Not warming up my audience so by the time I launched, they were begging to buy. 

Winging it instead of coming up with a solid, proven and profit-driven plan for my launch. 

It was a mess. Mistakes were made. mistakes like,

It shouldn’t. But, let’s be real, it totally is, right?

Especially when you’re sitting there, dreaming of how things *could* be if you drop-kicked your fear of failure and found the time, patience and expertise to launch that digital product idea you’ve tucked close to your chest. 

But the world is waiting. And you’re right on the brink of something magical. 

How do I know? Easy peasy: I’ve been where you are. 

My story began where a lot of entrepreneurs do: Cornered in by cubicle life, all while I dreamt of the freedom and fulfillment a life outside of the 9 to 5 could offer. 

My goal was simple: Quit my full-time job. 

So I conjured up an idea, fell in love with it and hustled hard to bring it to life. 

And I do mean hard. So hard that I ended up in hospital with a kidney infection, burnt-out and exhausted as I tried to do ALL the things the internet said I needed to do (and that my immune system was screaming at me to chill out and NOT do). 

Two weeks from the day I was meant to launch. 

I believe in simplicity, success and that life – and business – shouldn’t be stressful.

(Sans all the mistakes – I’ve made those for you so you don’t have to!)

… And I was ready to share everything I’d learned. 

Because this formula? This process? This plan? And these results? They can be yours too. 

It was everything I’d dreamed of the year before, made possible because I’d defined and refined my launch plan.


I had my first million-dollar year.

I'd taught over 100,000 students in my free and paid workshops.

I’d hired a small team to support me. 

I was working just 3 days per week. 

within 12 months,

A year later, I gave it another crack. This time with a strategy in tow.

A year later, I gave it another crack. 
This time with a strategy in tow. 
Within a few months, 


Creative thinking

Making wine, coffee and peanut butter disappear (#magic) 

Empowering simple, easy and fun launches

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From clever online courses through to membership sites and podcast launches, I’ll expertly guide, inform and lead your launch, showing you how to turn your genius idea into a profitable reality.  

No fancy jargon. No fussy, overcomplicated strategies. Just clear, simple and effective launch guidance that gets you the best possible results. 

Yep. You gotta make it real. Which is why I’m here. 

Ideas have the power to change the world. 

… But only if they don’t remain ideas!