How to promote your free opt-in to build your email list

You’ve done the hard yards and started building your email list. You’ve been through the process of creating a free lead magnet (or free opt-in)… Now what? You need to get people to download it. Sure, you could tell your mum about it and she might spread the word to her closest friends, but how else can you get people to download your free lead magnet? Or, more importantly, how can you get your free opt-in in front of the RIGHT people – people who might one day become paying customers or clients?

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50 Ways to Promote Your Content

Make your content go the extra mile and a half with this free cheat sheet.

50 Ways to Promote Your Content


How to promote an opt-in or free lead magnet

I recently talked about creating a free opt-in (or lead magnet), and writing and automating a nurture sequence – which is the sequence of emails you send to someone once they’ve opted in.

Once your opt-in is live on a landing page where someone can enter their email to subscribe, you need to think about how you’re going to drive traffic there. Here are some of my favourite ways to promote your free opt-in. 


If you can find a Facebook Group with people who fit your ideal customer profile then you’re pretty lucky because they are a great free way to market to your target audience.

Providing you’ve checked the group rules around self-promotion, promote your freebie there and tell people what the real benefits of your freebie are. Don’t just be like: “DOWNLOAD ME! DOWNLOAD ME!” because that’s not really going to work.

Instead, tell them what they can expect from the freebie. Not just that it’s really awesome and that they should download it. Make sure you give them a call to action to download it and send them to your website. 

Your post can easily get lost due to the Facebook algorithm, so asking people a question and giving them a second call to action to comment below with their answer – works well to keep your post top-of-page.


I looked at what social media platforms your business should be on a little while ago.

Whichever platforms you’ve chosen to be present on, that’s where you’ll need to promote your lead magnet – remembering that how you promote it will differ across platforms.

For example, on Instagram, you could do a post about it, or an Instagram story about it, or you might have a link to it in your bio. Whereas, on Facebook, you might record a video about the broader topic and then at the end give a call to action to download your freebie.

The main thing is that you don’t want to come across as overly salesy, so try to make sure that the language you’re using is on-brand and focus more on what your audience will gain from downloading it. What are the real benefits to them? What problem is it solving? What expected result can they get from it?


Most people are pretty hesitant about running paid ads, especially at the start because it requires real money. That’s fair enough, but done correctly paid ads can help you grow a big email list full of potential customers or clients fairly quickly – even if you don’t have an existing audience.

Now I’m talking Facebook ads here, not boosted posts, and I will talk about the difference between them in the very near future. I’m also talking about Pinterest Promoted Pins, LinkedIn Ads, Google Adwords – whichever floats your boat and whichever you feel most comfortable with and think your audience will resonate with most.

Here are 5 Facebook Ads hacks that are working right now, to help you get started running successful paid ads.

If you’re willing to invest in multiple different paid ad sources – by all means, go ahead. The art of most paid advertising lies in the copy and the targeting (or in the case of AdWords and Pinterest Promoted Pins – in the keywords that you choose).

I don’t recommend just diving in and setting up an ad without thinking about who you’re targeting, what you’re going to say or what you’re trying to achieve. Think about the strategy behind it.


This sounds a little silly right? Because then you still have to promote the blog post. But, if your freebie is in a blog post that ranks highly on Google, you’ll get free traffic to it every day.

How do you get it to rank highly?

The first step is to choose a topic that hasn’t been written about that much and that a lot of people will be searching for. For example, a blog post that ranks really high for me is one that I wrote on creating an across-the grid-Instagram puzzle feed. This article alone adds 50 people to my email list every day, without me spending a cent to promote it.

You won’t rank number one overnight (or even in the top 10 overnight) but over time you’ll start to move up through the ranks. This is a longer-term play, so it’s best used in conjunction with one of these other methods to promote your content.


50 Ways to Promote Your Content

Make your content go the extra mile and a half with this free cheat sheet.

50 Ways to Promote Your Content



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How to promote your lead magnet to build your email list

June 1, 2018

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