5 Instagram growth tactics that still work in 2019

We all want to get more Instagram followers, right? But not all followers are created equal. Here are 5 Instagram growth tactics that still work in 2019, so that you can grow your Instagram following with people who might actually buy from you or work with you.

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5 Instagram growth tactics that work in 2019

If I had a dollar for every time someone has asked me how they can get more Instagram followers, I’d be writing this from a yacht in Greece. But, alas, I’m sitting at my desk in Brisbane right now.  

When someone asks me “How do I get more Instagram followers?” My response is “Why do you want more followers?” 

Remember – your follower count is a vanity metric. What really matters is your bottom line – that is, your profit. If you’re not converting your followers into paying customers or clients, then there really isn’t point trying to grow your Instagram.

While it’s good to grow your Instagram following, you should make sure that you’re growing it with the right people; people who might actually buy from you. And, you want to make sure you’re investing time creating engaging content to build a connection with your Instagram followersThere’s not really much point growing your following if you’re never showing up for your followers.

Remember: Just because someone is following you doesn’t mean they’ll automatically buy from you or want to work with you. You have to earn their trust first.

Ok, so what are some tactics you can use to grow your Instagram? Big disclaimer: None of these tactics are designed to replace a solid Instagram strategy. Without good, strategic content, you’re going to struggle to get traction and it’s going to feel like an uphill battle.

Instagram growth tactic #1. Adding a call to action to follow you from other places

Leverage your other platforms and get your audiences to follow you over on Instagram. Got a website? Add a big old button sending people to your Instagram. 

Got a thank you page after someone has ordered or submitted your contact form? Add a button asking them to follow you on Instagram.

Writing a blog post? Tell them they can follow you on Instagram for more of whatever you’re writing about. Got an email list? Send them over to your Instagram account to check out a particularly noteworthy post you shared.

What’s the point of sending people to your Instagram account? Well, if you’re using Instagram as a connection-building tool, then this allows you to nurture your audiences into paying customers or clients. The more touchpoints they’re following you on, the better.

Instagram Growth Tactic #2. Doing Instagram Live interviews with other people

This one is a little sneaky and I haven’t seen many people doing it yet. When you’re doing an Instagram Live, you can actually have two hosts. So, it will show up with a “Live” badge for both accounts and on all of their followers’ Instagram Stories feeds, and it’s a great way to get new people over to your account – particularly if you partner with a bigger account for the interview.

Instagram Growth Tactic #3: Sharing your Instagram content outside of Instagram (and linking back to IG)

You can share your Instagram content to Facebook and Pinterest – and I’m sure most of you are already doing this. But, what about sharing it to other places outside of Instagram? You could embed it in a blog post, if it’s relevant to what you’re writing about. You should share it to a Facebook Group (if it’s relevant and not spammy). You could share it to Linkedin.

Anywhere your audience hangs out is a great place to share your Instagram content.

(Wondering how often you should post to Instagram? Read this).

Instagram Growth Tactic #4: Collaborating with larger accounts and/or influencers

This isn’t a new tactic, but it works when it’s done correctly. Collaborate with other Instagram accounts and leverage their existing audiences – and give them a reason or incentive to head over to your account.

This works particularly well when you’re running an influencer marketing campaignMaybe you’ll run a giveaway collaboration with an influencer and, in order to win, someone has to follow you.

Just make sure that your audiences are aligned. Don’t pick the influencer based solely on the number of followers they have – choose them based on who their followers are. 

Instagram Growth Tactic #5: Consistency and good content

This one isn’t really a tactic, per se, but it’s SO important to your Instagram account growth.  Make sure you’re posting good, high-quality Instagram content, or you’re not going to see the results you’re after. There is simply too much content out there these days, so the only foolproof way to stand out is to make your content better than everyone else’s.

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2019 Instagram growth tactics

February 26, 2019



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