It’s too soon? 
It’s too late? 
Nobody cares? 
It flops? 
Your brain pops? 
You let your loved ones down?

There are some things in life that are just straight-up stressful.

Visiting the dentist. Buying a property. Uncorking an expensive bottle of Shiraz. Maintaining inbox zero. 

… And launching your big, brave idea into the world. 

Because what if …

Hey, clever human. 

I see you: Idea rich but time poor, struggling to balance adulting (pass me the wine) with what feels like a marathon of dream-chasing to continue growing, evolving and creating as an online entrepreneur. 


Yep, you read that correctly -

Yep, you read that correctly - launching doesn’t have to be a wine and whine catastrophe of stress, fear, chaos and tears. Launching can be fun!

‘Cause life is about *so* much more than replying to emails and stressing over your to-do list. Just like a great launch is about more than better profit, influence and impact. 

It’s about reclaiming your freedom so you can be and do exactly what you want to. On your terms.

But flying and soaring on your own isn’t easy – and you’re ready to bring in a pro that’ll elevate your strategy, lift your confidence and help you catapult towards the successful launch you deserve.

So … need to launch a new high-impact course, membership, digital product or podcast (without losing your mind)?

Let me show you how. 

Hold up – ignore what you’ve experienced in the past. There is a way to launch simply and successfully … and have a whole LOT of fun doing it.

Online course



Other digital products like ebooks, templates, scripts and programs

You’re in the right place if you’re dreaming of successfully launching a high-impact …

Investment: From $8,000 USD

We’ll kick off with a two-hour consultation call on Zoom where I’ll get to know you, your business, your vision, your target market and your goals. 

I’ll work my magic to create and deliver a comprehensive launch strategy that walks you through EXACTLY what you need to do to master your next launch. 

We’ll have a one-hour call to cover your questions, thoughts and implementation enquiries. 

You’ll walk away with everything you need to bring your launch to life step by simple step.

the adventure

Intelligently and confidently execute your next digital product launch.

Scale your business and launches faster (without any fuss!) 

Have a bigger impact on your audience. 

Confidently brief your team (such as your copywriters, ad strategists and graphic designers etc.) for maximum influence – if you have one! 

From planning your 90-day pre-launch marketing calendar through to crafting a compelling offer that your audience can’t resist, the Launch Strategy will reveal the nitty-gritty “how”, “where”, “who”, “what” and “why” of creating a successful, stress-free digital product launch.

You’ll love that you’ll have everything you need to:

The Launch Strategy is your complete solution to executing an informed and empowered digital product launch

What if I told you that you could simplify, improve and power up your next digital successful product launch … without feeling stressed, scattered or like a sleazy salesman?

The Launch Strategy


Emma troy, Emma Troy Design

I was worried about executing it wrong. It seemed like so much work and I couldn't break the entire thing down into tasks, it seemed all too hard. The launch strategy has provided me with a clear path ahead and given me the breathing room to focus on the product I'm creating rather than all the marketing and planning.

The strategy was super in-depth and clear and useable. So many strategies (gasp) collect dust because they tell you what to do but not the how. They can be vague. Steph's combined so much groundwork with clear execution and a solid to-do list. The calendar is so dang good too! I'm a visual person and (while it's jammed packed) seeing it mapped out made me think 'ok I can do this'. I'm feeling more confident about my launch. I don't have to worry about the planning. Just the execution now. I have a map for my adventure and I know I won't get lost.

I was struggling with mapping out my launch, the logistics of how it was going to work, the planning, the self-doubt and linking it all together. 

Words of wisdom from past clients

Investment: From $12,000 USD

We’ll kick off with a two-hour consultation call on Zoom where I’ll get to know you, your business, your vision, your target market and your goals. 

I’ll work my magic to create and deliver a comprehensive launch strategy that walks you through EXACTLY what you need to do to master your next launch. 

For three-months, you’ll have unlimited access to me via Voxer voice message to ask any questions, present any problems or feedback and work through any challenges. It’s your launch strategist in your pocket, and I’ll reply within 48 hours with the clarity and guidance you need to continue moving forward with your successful launch.

Once a month, we’ll catch up for a one-hour consultation where we can deep-dive into your challenges, obstacles, mindset challenges and the lessons you’re struggling with for your launch. 

the adventure

Knowing you have the unerring support of a professional digital product launch strategist who always has your back. 

Feeling challenged and supported to work through the mindset struggles holding your launches back from brilliance. 

Having access to a launch specialist that has been where you are and has the knowledge, resources and expertise to take you to where you want to go. 

Which is why I’ve paired the tactical potency of my Launch Strategy with the BFF-level support of my launch mentoring for a three-month experience that allows you to find the joy, simplicity and ease in launching your next digital product. 

You’ll love:

Are you doing it right? Do you have the right information? And is launching meant to feel like this? Holy questions, Batman! Here’s the thing: Every launch is different. But no matter what, it doesn’t have to feel like birthing a rhinoceros sans painkillers. 

There’s a lotta love that goes into launching something new (and trust me: you’re incredible for creating a digital product to launch!) But let’s be honest … Launching also churns up a whole lot of worry, frustration, uncertainty and emotional hurdles. 

The Launch Strategy + Mentoring


Claire Deane, Deane & Co

I felt like I didn't know the BEST way to do it and I was getting stuck thinking I needed to do it the exact right way, or the launch wouldn't be successful. Steph's launch strategy has given me a comprehensive outline that will guide this launch and future launches. I also loved the very very comprehensive launch timeline which spelt out exactly what I needed to do at each stage of the launch. I now feel confident I know how to execute my launch and get a great result - and that I can use this strategy to relaunch multiple times and get even better results!

Before investing in a launch strategy with Steph, I was struggling with putting all my thoughts into a structured approach and understanding best practice for launching an online course.

Bec Miller, Health With Bec

Then.. we started working together and everything changed. It’s the best thing that’s happened for me in business this year. Steph’s knowledge is absolute gold as it’s extremely evident that she’s done her own research from the best, continues to learn and genuinely loves helping me to her best ability. She has helped me more than I can explain and I’ll be forever grateful. Steph is a caring, passionate and smart woman who I would highly recommend 1000 times over and never stop raving about. Thank you Steph!

Steph's podcast was helping me immensely, but I still felt like I needed individual help, guidance and a one-stop-shop for my questions in this highly saturated industry that left me unsure of exactly what to do for ME.

Words of wisdom from past clients

Create more profit – without slogging yourself silly 365 days a year. 

Do more of the work you love (and less of the niggly admin and marketing stuff you loathe).

Have greater confidence, clarity and purpose with your digital products. 

Take more time off and spend more time being 100% present with your loved ones.

Be seen as the go-to genius in your niche. 

Get asked to speak and feature at more events, podcasts, blogs and media opportunities.

A digital product launch with me as your sidekick can have these *awesome* side effects