Getting strategic with Two Girls And A Laptop

This episode is a bit different to my usual bite-sized lessons. I’m chatting to the lovely Helen and Jacqui from Two Girls And A Laptop and it’s a MASSIVE marketing strategy session. These ladies know what they’re talking about. Some of the things we talk about include goal setting, marketing strategy, profiling your ideal customer and how to get started with email marketing.

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You don’t want to miss:

    • They key things to do before you even THINK about launching your business.
    • How to know what tasks to DIY and what to outsource (and why you should do consider outsourcing).
    • Why you need to know your WHY in business and the importance of setting goals in your business.
    • The key goals that all small business owners should set in their first year (and how to set goals you can actually achieve).
    • Why you need to profile your ideal customer, how to do it and the one HUGE mistake so many people make when profiling their ideal customer.
    • Why it’s so important to grow your email list (instead of growing your Instagram following).
    • Where to start building your email list – and how to start building it, even before you’ve launched your business!
    • How to prioritise the growth tasks in your business (and get out of the “busy” tasks rut)
  • 5 quick tips to spend less time working in your business and spend more time working on it

Download their email marketing workbook

Helen and Jacqui are giving away a free Email Marketing for Beginners workbook. Download it here: 

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