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What if I launch and nobody buys

When I asked my Instagram followers what’s holding them back from launching something new, 80% of them told me they were afraid. Afraid that they’d launch a course and nobody would buy. Afraid they’d launch a podcast and nobody would listen. Whatever it is that you’re launching, here are some tips to get over the fear that nobody will buy.

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Swipe my signature 6-step framework to successfully launch anything from a new podcast to a new product.

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What if nobody buys my product when I launch?

Having been through, I think 7 live launches in the last 2 years, I can confidently say that fear doesn’t go away. Even when I’ve launched a course that I’ve already sold before – that fear still comes creeping back.

In this blog, I’m hopefully going to help you overcome this fear a little bit. 


  1. Even if nobody buys, the sun will still come up tomorrow


As Amy Porterfield said in the podcast interview I did with her recently, you’re allowed a day to wallow in bed after a failed launch – but after that, you’ve just got to get up and keep moving forward.

As cliche as it sounds, a failed launch isn’t the end of the world. It might feel like it is, for a week or two, but in a year’s time you’ll look back and you’ll realise what a big learning lesson it was.

Honestly, I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason. If nobody buys, maybe this happened because you needed to learn a particular lesson, or because you were meant to do something different in your business. 


  1. Even if nobody buys, you’ve still created an asset 


Whether that asset is a course, a podcast, a new business, a new product – you’ve still created an asset in your business. 

Your job now is to figure out what went wrong in your launch and how you can launch it better next time

You’d be amazed at how something like the messaging can influence whether people buy or not. I’ve launched the same course twice but with different messaging around the product, and I’ve had COMPLETELY different results. One flopped, the other was amazing. Exact same product. Just communicated differently.

So just because you’ve had a failed launch, doesn’t mean that nobody wants your product – it just means you maybe need to go back to the drawing board and figure out how you can communicate the offer better. 


  1. Even if nobody buys, you’ve still grown your audience in the launch process


I’ve been completing James Wedmore’s Business By Design program, and one of the limiting beliefs that he helps you to overcome is the idea that you have to have a big email list or lots of followers before you can launch something.

Hands up who here has the belief that you need to have a big audience before you launch? Yeah, I used to believe this too.

James flips this idea on its head by saying, well actually, launching is HOW you grow your audience. And it’s so true. Launching my very first course, Facebook Ads That Flourish was the turning point in my business that actually grew my audience and made me visible. 

So, even if your launch fails, you’ve grown your audience and you can start nurturing them and building a connection with them in time for your NEXT launch. 


  1. Even if nobody buys, you’ve learnt a lot about your audience in the process of launching


There’s one simple, four word question you can ask your audience to get a TON of insight and develop more compelling messaging in your next launch. 

Wanna know what this question is? Here it is: Why didn’t you buy? 

Pay close attention to the wording they use in their replies. 

The most common reply you’ll get is that it’s too expensive or that they can’t afford it right now. Does that mean your product is too expensive? Nope, it just means you haven’t communicated the value well enough.

If you saw a Ferrari on sale for $1000, you’d do whatever you could to scrape together that money and buy it – right? Because you know it’s worth a heck of a lot more than just $1000. So it’s about communicating the value in a way that makes your audience feel like your product is worth more than the price they’re paying for it.  



The Complete Roadmap for a Killer Launch

Swipe my signature 6-step framework to successfully launch anything from a new podcast to a new product.

7 Savvy Strategies to Ignite your Instagram



  1. Even if nobody buys, you’ve learnt a lot about yourself in the process of launching


Every launch I go through, I learn something new about myself. 

My most recent launch, where I had the biggest tech nightmare and everything that could go wrong did go wrong, I learnt how resilient I am and how good I am in a crisis now. 

I wasn’t always like this – I used to get flustered so easily when things didn’t go to plan, but 3 years of running a business where nothing goes to plan has taught me otherwise.

Launching is honestly such a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone and grow as a person, and even if your launch fails, you’ll no doubt take some big lessons away from it.


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what if I launch and nobody buys


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