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We’ve all heard about boundaries and why we *should* implement them. But actually putting them into practice (in business and in everyday life!) is often easier said than done. In today’s episode, I’m sharing 4 must-have boundaries for your online offers so that *you* can feel safe and comfortable in your business *and* your clients […]

Creating healthy boundaries during your course, group program or membership

EP 794 - Creating healthy boundaries during your course, group program or membership
April 15, 2024

When creating offers, content and messaging for your ideal client, you can get stuck using the “expert” language, rather than using language that resonates with them. It’s easy to *think* you know what your audience needs from you, but actually *asking* them is much more effective (and eliminates the guess work!). In today’s episode, I’m […]

5 questions to ask your audience so you can create targeted content that lands

5 questions to ask your audience so you can create targeted content that lands Understanding Your Audience: The Key to Content that Connects Welcome to another episode where we dive into the art of creating targeted content that truly resonates with your audience. It's not about flashy graphics or over-the-top excitement; it's about understanding and speaking directly to the needs and desires of your ideal client. Let's explore how you can achieve this through effective audience research. Why Audience Research Matters Even the most seasoned content creators can find themselves guessing about audience preferences and needs. To move past assumptions and hit the mark with your content, it’s crucial to engage directly with your audience. Whether through surveys, one-on-one conversations, or both, understanding your audience is not just helpful—it's essential. Effective Survey Strategies Surveys are a fantastic tool, but they come with caveats. Not all responses are equally valuable, and it's important to focus on the quality of feedback rather than quantity. Here are a few tips to enhance your survey efforts: Value Detailed Responses: Longer, more thoughtful responses tend to come from those more invested in your offerings. Pay extra attention to these insights. Incentivize Thoughtfully: Consider offering incentives, such as donations for survey completion, but set realistic limits to manage costs without diluting the quality of data collected. Frame Your Questions Clearly: How you ask is as important as what you ask. Clear, concise, and specific survey questions are more likely to elicit meaningful responses. The Power of Direct Communication While surveys provide quantitative insights, direct interactions, like Zoom calls, allow for deeper understanding. These conversations enable you to ask follow-up questions and explore the nuances of feedback, providing a richer picture of your audience’s challenges and desires. Five Essential Questions for Audience Research To guide your content strategy effectively, consider these five critical questions to ask your audience: 1. What are you struggling with? Uncover the real challenges your audience faces, which might differ from what you perceive. This helps tailor your content to address those specific issues. 2. What are your goals? Understanding the aspirations of your audience can align your content with their ambitions, enhancing the relevance and impact of your offers. 3. What’s standing in the way of your goals? Identifying obstacles, both real and perceived, allows you to focus your content on solutions that are genuinely helpful. 4. If you could wave a magic wand, what would you change? This question helps your audience articulate their ultimate aspirations and enables you to craft messages that resonate deeply. 5. What questions do you have about my area of expertise? This directly fuels your content pipeline, ensuring you're always addressing the most pressing concerns of your audience. Leveraging Insights for Impactful Content Each response not only guides your content creation but also enhances your understanding of your audience's language and preferences, allowing you to craft messages that feel personalized and impactful.
April 12, 2024

The biggest, most exhausting mistake I see online business owners making is this: Trying to do all the things, without any real idea of what they’re trying to achieve. Remember, doing more does *not* mean you’re being productive (especially if you’re making things more difficult than they need to be!). In today’s episode, I’m sharing […]

5 ways to simplify and streamline your online business

April 10, 2024

Content creation is a tough gig. It’s challenging to always be coming up with new content *and* to share this content consistently. But it doesn’t have to be so hard. In today’s episode, I’m sharing my top tips for streamlining content creation so you can repurpose your content across multiple platforms. – How identifying your […]

How I use this podcast to spend less time on content creation

Best of 2023: 3 content swaps that’ll make you more sales in a launch
April 8, 2024

Today I’m answering a question from a listener who feels like they have a lot of knowledge and experience in different areas, but are struggling to get it out in the world in a consistent and persistent way. In this episode, I’m sharing why this may be happening and what you can do to get […]

Ask Steph: How can I get out of my head and take action to build my business?

EP 699 - The biggest things stopping you from building a profitable online business and how to overcome them (Part 1)
April 5, 2024

A cash injection is like a mini launch. It’s a time-limited campaign with the goal of generating some quick cash flow for your business. You can use an offer you already have or you can create a new one. In today’s episode, I’m sharing 5 offers that you could sell when you’re needing a quick […]

5 offers to sell when you need a quick cash injection

EP 688 - 5 ways to create a cash injection when sales are slower than usual
April 3, 2024

I’m an ex corporate square peg who has found my home outside of the round hole in educating and guiding online entrepreneurs in the art of intentional (and fun!) launches so they can achieve more impact, create more profit and foster more freedom in their business. 

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