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Now, a launch strategist not hitting her launch goal. Right? That sounds a little bit strange. But it happens to everybody. This is the thing. The difference is that when I miss my launch goal, I dive straight into the numbers and I dive straight into reviewing my last launch, so that I can see […]

What I do when I don’t hit my launch goal

when I dont reach my launch goal
December 23, 2021

A couple of days ago, I closed doors to Launch Magic for the second time. This year I launched it twice per year, and this was now the third time that I’ve launched it. And every time that I launch it, I try new things and I learn a lot from each launch. >> Click […]

4 interesting things that I learned from a recent launch

5 things I learnt from my launch Pin
December 20, 2021

Every time I launch, I look at it as an opportunity to try something new, to do something different, to test, to tweak, to experiment and to see how I can turn my launch into something that is super profitable, super impactful and that is just a lot of fun. Because I am a big […]

3 things I did differently this launch

3 things differently this launch Pin
December 17, 2021

As anyone who has launched will tell you, or most people who have launched will tell you launching can be exhausting, right? Even if you are super organized, you have everything scheduled ahead of time, you’ve launched many times before, the energy that it takes showing up live and showing up for your audience and […]

How I get my energy back after a launch

recover energy after launch
December 15, 2021

Why do you need a strategy to launch? Why is it so important to have that strategy? Why can’t you just have a launch plan and take action, or just go out there and blindly take action and figure it out? You can do that, absolutely, and you’ll get the launch. The planning and the […]

Why you need a launch strategy

Why you need a launch strategy Pin
December 10, 2021

There’s a big myth that I notice a lot of people buying into and that is that you have to have created your product before you can launch it. I want to flip that and say, actually, I’d prefer that you don’t create your product until after you launch it if you haven’t already launched […]

Creating your product before you launch it could be a mistake

Should I launch before or after I create my digital product?
December 7, 2021

I’m an ex corporate square peg who has found my home outside of the round hole in educating and guiding online entrepreneurs in the art of intentional (and fun!) launches so they can achieve more impact, create more profit and foster more freedom in their business. 

Through my signature framework, I help brands launch and relaunch their offerings to reach more people, grow their audience and become the go-to geniuses in their industry

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