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Today I’m answering a question from one of my long-standing students who is torn between scaling her current offers or creating new offers to service her existing community. In this episode I answer this question by detailing some of the pros and cons around this important decision as well as offering a couple of alternatives… […]

Ask Steph: Should I scale my existing offers or create something brand new?

3 ideas to launch when you have nothing new
November 16, 2022

Learning from our mistakes should be a business owner’s mantra and today I am sharing with you the big mistakes I made at a crucial time in my business. Plus the 3 key learnings you can take from it. In today’s episode I’m sharing: – Why fast growth has a tendency to highlight the missing […]

The big mistake I made when my business hit $1 million in annual revenue – and what you can learn from it

overcome the fear of the spotlight to launch
November 14, 2022

Today I am coaching Lou Ellis who is a kitchen coach seeking to help busy women spark a passion for cooking! Lou is currently working towards her next launch and having difficulty identifying the sweet spot between creating and offering free content and delivering too much for free. Today we chat about the strategies to […]

Coaching call: How can I create free content that doesn’t give it all away?

November 13, 2022

Today, I’m answering a question from a listener who has multiple offers within her business but is stuck on what to launch next and she is questioning if the next product should be positioned at a higher price point. In this episode, I am sharing my advice on solving this issue. – How to evaluate […]

Ask Steph: I don’t know what to launch next. Should I launch a higher ticket offer?

5 excuses stopping you from launching
November 9, 2022

Kate Erickson is the heartbeat at Entrepreneurs On Fire, the host of Kate’s Take, giving a behind-the-scenes look at running a 7-figure business, and co-host of Nicole & Kate Can Relate, a podcast about the power of conversations. Kate’s goal is to help entrepreneurs achieve financial and lifestyle freedom. In today’s episode, Kate and I […]

Kate Erickson on intentionally building a business that creates freedom and staying focused to reach your goals

November 7, 2022

Today I am coaching Sandra Hallnor who is a family photographer struggling to work out the best way to market her new product in readiness for her launch. How can she reach her ideal customer and what kind of content should she create that will be enticing but not overwhelming? How can she maintain consistency […]

Coaching call: How can I market myself for my new online course?

growing audience 2022 Pin
November 4, 2022

I’m an ex corporate square peg who has found my home outside of the round hole in educating and guiding online entrepreneurs in the art of intentional (and fun!) launches so they can achieve more impact, create more profit and foster more freedom in their business. 

Through my signature framework, I help brands launch and relaunch their offerings to reach more people, grow their audience and become the go-to geniuses in their industry

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